Chakra bracelets

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Crown chakra- Amethyst is a protection stone that enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation.

Third eye chakra- Lapis lazuli enhances your ability to look into yourself and uncover your truth, stepping into your authentic self and your power, known as the center of intuition and wisdom.

Throat chakra- Turquoise  is a protection stone that banishes negative energy and protects against pollutants and outside influence.

Heart chakra- Green kingstone helps one find clarity, inner peace, love and compassion, wards off negative energy and encourages stability.

Solar plexus chakra- Tigers eye helps you stay grounded and centered even in chaos and promotes vitality and physical action.

Sacral chakra- Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of body, mind, and spirit, it encourages decision making and patience.

Root chakra- Red agate represents our foundation, promotes safety, grounding, and vitality.